[Buildroot] Bootloader (grub?)

don don_reid at comcast.net
Mon Aug 21 03:47:34 UTC 2006

Which bootloader do you-all recommend for an x86 (Via EPIA) system booting
from a compact flash card?

I have been trying to set up grub, just because that is the one I am used to.
First I found it wouldn't build (due to a makefile problem reported in Jan.).
Then I found the patch file called for is no longer on the source server.
These make me think it isn't getting much use.

When I finally got it all compiles, I couldn't find any trace of it in the
target file system.  I guess it could be nicely put into the MBR for me.
But shouldn't there still be some files (/boot/grub/*)?

Do I just need to create the menu file manually?

Don Reid

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