[Buildroot] Issue preparing a buildroot

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at digital-scurf.org
Tue Dec 12 15:23:21 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 15:09 +0000, MikeW wrote:
> Well it's often possible to temporarily 'fix' such issues by means of a
> symbolic link to the right place; as long as it's limited in scope,
> the use of an 'external' limits.h file shouldn't break anything ....?!

Well, except for the fact that the kernel team explicitly state that
linux/limits.h belongs to *LINUX* not to userland :-)

> I would have thought there was an add-in package that would supply
> the missing headers - surely we are not in Windows "hide system files"
> territory ?

No, this is a case of the libc breaking the kernel/userland divide in a
way which it is not supposed to.

> The above is *not* from direct Ubuntu experience, but I have made
> 'enabling' fixups in the manner described to get things to build
> before now.

Unfortunately it seems my initial suggestion that it might be
Ubuntu/edgy may have been misplaced. Using a non-snapshot uClibc removes
the issue.

However I still cannot compile because snapshot busybox won't compile,
and non-snapshot busybox won't even configure for me.


I do wonder if anyone tests this stuff in an automated environment ever.

Thanks for your suggestions, but I cannot make in-place fixes on my
machine, nor in any given tree because we intend to autobuild things and
thus they get fresh chroots to be built in each time.


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