[Buildroot] Using external toolchain / toolchain as package

MikeW mw_phil at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 14 09:29:52 UTC 2006

MikeW <mw_phil at ...> writes:

> Buildroot cannot build a required toolchain, but I would still like
> to use it to build everything else.
> Is there a preferred way to disable building the toolchain, and to set
> Buildroot to use an external toolchain instead ?
> (This is 'inside-out' from the BR docs which say how to use the BR toolchain
> from outside.)
> Looking at the top-level Makefile, this looks as if it would involve
> edits to the file(s).
> Regards,
> MikeW

On a related subject, it might be useful if a toolchain could be installed
from a (special) package - this would allow prebuilt toolchains, or other
source packages (the one I'm looking at is the ARM EABI one from CodeSourcery).

Maybe it's all in there now, and I just need to look ;-)


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