[Buildroot] Known working versions ?

Koenraad lelong buildroot at de-brouwerij.be
Thu Dec 14 19:54:51 UTC 2006

Martyn Welch schreef:
> Hi Koenraad,
> I've been having the same problems.
> I found that busybox would fail with "Implicit declaration of 'bzero'"
> in tar.c. I decided to try rebuilding with tar disabled in the busybox
> configuration. It compiled, but then when I tried the image, busybox
> seemed to be mistaking 'init' for hdparm, infact everything I tried
> seemed to be mistaken for hdparm!
> I managed to get the image to aleast get to a prompt by building bash
> into the image. I'm currently trying a build without busybox to see if I
> can get a larger image working with buildroot.
> If it's any help, I've set buildroot to use:
> Gcc 3.4.6
> Bunutils
> Linux 2.6.19
> Yesterdays (11 Dec06) snapshots of Busybox and uClibc.
> Martyn 
Thanks for your suggestions. In the meantime I started from scratch, did 
a checkout again and then did "make defconfig", which I found in a post 
from the mailinglist. Now "make" completes successfully.
I'm going to explore further.
Thanks again,
Koenraad Lelong.

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