[Buildroot] Impossible to build EABI ARM gcc toolchain?using?Buildroot ?

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Mon Dec 18 12:15:26 UTC 2006

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 11:37:11AM +0000, MikeW wrote:
>MikeW <mw_phil at ...> writes:
>> Pavel Roskin <proski <at> ...> writes:
>> > Maybe you can fix it.  You can try another compiler.
>> Unfortunately, Buldroot gcc-4.1.1 which includes ARM EABI support won't build
>> the 2.6.10 kernel we are using - fails in the get_user macro in uaccess.h.
>> Patch that, something else breaks in a similar way due to the compiler
>> breaking code that worked under gcc-3.4.x (it needs a switch to turn this off!)
>> The joys of bazaar development - grrr !
>> Regards,
>> MikeW
>Looks like the only 3.4.x version of GCC is the one from CodeSourcery,
>I think one of the older ones is derived from a 3.4.x GCC.
>Was considering doing a Buildroot config.in patch to get the tar.bz2 file from
>the CS website, but unfortunately the files are returned in response
>to a form submission :(


for e.g. target=arm-none-eabi

I don't see the problem, really..

Apart from that, it's beyond me why would one want/need to use 2.6.10

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