[Buildroot] Booting the rootfs ext2 image

Rafael A Barrero rafa at linux.it
Tue Dec 19 20:10:17 UTC 2006


Now that I've successfully built a rootfs image that includes my  
custom built kernel, I have a few questions about taking that rootfs  
and actually running it on my dev. system. I've mounted the ext2 fs  
as a loopback device and it looks great, but I'm looking for some  
pointers on getting grub configured for that partition.

I selected grub during the buildroot configuration, but how do I go  
about installing grub so that it boots properly?
Once I copy this image to another disk, how will it be set as bootable?
How do I configure grub within the loopback partition?
What tools do you guys suggest for copying the FS to the new disk?  
rsync? dd?



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