[Buildroot] Booting the rootfs ext2 image

don don_reid at comcast.net
Wed Dec 20 04:38:58 UTC 2006

> On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, Rafael A Barrero wrote:
> > Now that I've successfully built a rootfs image that includes my
> > custom built kernel, I have a few questions about taking that rootfs
> > and actually running it on my dev. system. I've mounted the ext2 fs
> > as a loopback device and it looks great, but I'm looking for some
> > pointers on getting grub configured for that partition.

I booted mine with PXE and then ran grub to install on to the CF card
in an IDE adapter.

I believe you can install a disk or flash card onto your host and then
run grub there with arguments to install there instead of your main 
hard drive.  But I didn't want to fight through that when I had PXE

It does not boot from the CF card.

Don Reid

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