[Buildroot] Kernel Panic .....

Joe Pruett joey at clean.q7.com
Thu Dec 21 15:26:38 UTC 2006

> >i'm not sure where those two changes should be done officially, or i'd 
> >submit a patch.  it seems that if the iso relies on ramdisk support, then 
> >it makes sense to have that enabled by default, and the LINUX_KERNEL vs 
> >LINUX26_KERNEL make var should be addressed.  
> Care to send your patch to outline what could be done to resolve this?

the kernel change was done by running make linux26-menuconfig and changing 
the ramdisk device from m to y.  so that maybe goes into 

and the change i made for LINUX_KERNEL was to add the line:

into target/device/x86/i386/linux26.mk

but i'm not sure those are the right places to do things.  maybe the uses 
of LINUX_KERNEL should be changed to LINUX26_KERNEL?  and i'm not sure the 
linux26.config is really used to config things.

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