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+More finegrained configuration:
+You can specify a config-file for uClibc:
+$ make UCLIBC_CONFIG_FILE=/my/uClibc.config
+To use a non-standart host-compiler (if you do not have 'gcc'),
+make sure that the compiler is in your PATH and that the library paths are
+setup properly, if your compiler is built dynamically:
+$ make HOSTCC=gcc-4.3.orig HOSTCXX=gcc-4.3-mine
+Depending on your configuration, there are some targets you can use to
+use menuconfig of certain packages. This includes:
+$ make HOSTCC=gcc-4.3 linux26-menuconfig
+$ make HOSTCC=gcc-4.3 uclibc-menuconfig
+$ make HOSTCC=gcc-4.3 busybox-menuconfig
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