[Buildroot] problem using mklibs

Kishore K hellokishore at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 12:11:49 UTC 2006

I am getting some problems with mklibs for MIPS. Since I am using mklibs
along with buildroot, I thought this is the appropriate forum to post this

I used buildroot to generate tool chain (gcc-3.4.6, binutils-,
uClibc - snapshot) and root file system for MIPS platform. After successful
building of the root file system and tool chain, I executed the following
commands to optimize libraries.

These commands (with some modifications) are taken from mklibs.mk file in
buildroot source.

[kishorek at host05 buildroot]$  find build_mips/root/ -type f -perm +100 |
xargs file -r -N -F '' {} + | awk ' /executable.*dynamically/ { print $1 }'
> mklibs-progs

[kishorek at host05 buildroot]$  python toolchain/mklibs/mklibs.py --target
mips-linux-uclibc  --root $PWD/build_mips/staging_dir/  -D
-L$PWD/build_mips/staging_dir/lib -d $PWD/reduced/  `cat mklibs-progs`

I: Using ld-uClibc.so.0 as dynamic linker.
I: library reduction pass 1
352 symbols, 352 unresolved
I: library reduction pass 2
352 symbols, 352 unresolved
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "toolchain/mklibs/mklibs.py", line 435, in ?
    raise "Unresolvable symbol " + symbol
Unresolvable symbol mmap

As can be seen, second command fails with "Unresolvable symbol mmap". Can
you please guide me, whether there is any issue with the way, I am using
mklibs. If so, can you suggest me a way to circumvent the problem.

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