[Buildroot] base busybox version for buildroot?

Drew Cohan drewcohan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 13:44:42 UTC 2006


Is the base busybox version for buildroot is now 1.2.0, instead of
1.1.3?  Is there a buildroot config somewhere that determines which
version of busybox is used, or is it just based on the date of the
buildroot package (builds after 30 June 2006 use busybox 1.2.0)?
There seems to have been a file size change recently, just curious
what that might have been:

 buildroot-20060710.t..> 10-Jul-2006 00:17  3.8M
 buildroot-20060711.t..> 11-Jul-2006 00:17  4.3M



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