[Buildroot] how to add monit package in buildroot

amit bhosale amitbhosale2000 at rediffmail.com
Mon Jul 31 14:30:03 UTC 2006

 hi list

        i want to compile monit for my root file system.
    In my buildroot (buildroot-20060606.tar) there is no option for  
    monit package like modutils.

    so i download monit-4.5.tar.gz in dl directory and add entry in 
   pakage directory Config.in file 
        source "package/monit/Config.in"
  then i download monit4.5.tgz from  
  and then untar it as monit it contains
            Config.in  Makefile.in  
            monit-4.5-cross.patch  monit-4.5-summary.patch  
  i save monit dir in Pakages dir in buildroot

  i made few changes in monit.mk

           # $(WGET) -P $(DL_DIR) $(MONIT_SITE)/$(MONIT_SOURCE)
   because i already download the code from that side
  then monit option is visible in make menuconfig after that i select that option and see it in .config file
 after that i give command make but monit code is not compiled

 so please guide me to compile monit

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