[Buildroot] Suggestion, move TARGET_DIR

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Mon Nov 6 07:22:24 UTC 2006

> Hello again.
> I have always felt that TARGET_DIR was kinda misplaced. build_<ARCH> is
> for the source and staging (well, maybe not even staging).
> so, what about making target_<ARCH> instead? 
> I am working on autonomous packages (choose between making a pcakage a
> part of the root file system or an autonomous tarball) and I am using 
> TARGET_PKG_DIR for that. right now it's build_<ARCH>/packages.
> but target_<ARCH>/root and target_<ARCH>/packages seems more right to me.

If you have, lets say, several ARM targets, it makes sense to have several "root"
which you can rebuild without recompiling each package.

Also it would make sense to be able to generate binary rpm's for each package.

> but foloowing this logic would make us have to sed thorugh the whole
> tree to change TARGET_DIR to TARGET_ROOT_DIR but that ain't exactly
> difficult to do. (I can make a patch for it).
> anyone with anything to say which likes it and will help getting the
> patches in?
> Thomas.
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