[Buildroot] Suggestion, move TARGET_DIR

Ulf Samuelsson ulfs at dof.se
Mon Nov 6 19:57:51 UTC 2006

> If you have, lets say, several ARM targets, it makes sense to have several "root"
> which you can rebuild without recompiling each package.

and both buld_<ARCH> and target_<ARCH> ends up as the same thing.

but if I understand you, you'd like target_<TARGET_NAME> or
target_<ARCH>_<TARGET_NAME> so we can build for more than one target?

=> Actually I'd like

and under that I'd
like to put all things 
related to that target
including "root",
the generated file system(s)
the build for u-boot and
linux so I can have 
several configurations.
Actually every package
which have their own
configuration file should
be in a target specific
directory, so maybe even
build_<ARCH> should be used when you can use the same package for several targets.


> Also it would make sense to be able to generate binary rpm's for each package.

Landley mentioned dependencies but it shouldn't be that hard if we drop 
that headache.

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