[Buildroot] C++ cross compiler]

MikeW mw_phil at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 09:24:55 UTC 2006

 <nina.holly at ...> writes:

> Phillipe,
>     If by staging_dir, you mean where the cross compiler
> executables go, there is no arm-linux-uclibc-g++
> in the bin directory where the arm-linux-uclibc-gcc
> executable is.
> 1.  I am using gcc-3.4.2, binutils-2.16.1 and a uClibc
>     snapshot from around Aug. 1, 2006.
> 2.  In toolchain/gcc there is a gcc-uclibc-3.x.mk file.
>     Is this the .mk file you were referring to?
> Nina

No, there should literally be a directory called
(the "build_arm_nofpu" bit depends on your build settings)
which gets created as part of your buildroot make.

So under "buildroot" (the buildroot installation dir)
you should get "build_arm_nofpu" or something like it.

Under "build_arm_nofpu" you will get a subdirectory for each
package, plus one called "root" and one called "staging_dir".

The "root" one is where your root filesystem is built, and
the "staging_dir" one is where 
a) the built toolchain is placed
b) files built from packages are created prior to installation in "root"

Among the directories in my "staging_dir" containing toolchain files
are "arm-elf-linux", "arm-linux" and "bin" which contain links to
compilers (including c++) or the executables themselves.

What is the directory path in your system to what you call
"where the cross compiler executables go" ?


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