[Buildroot] buildroot on Debian

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Fri Nov 17 15:53:00 UTC 2006

On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 01:07:43PM +0000, Will Newton wrote:
>On 11/9/06, Peter Mendham <petermendham at computing.dundee.ac.uk> wrote:
>> I gave up on cygwin thinking that perhaps I was being an idiot, so I'm
>> now trying Debian.  I'm certainly getting further now, however I hit
>> another snag.  A completely fresh grab of buildroot from SVN this
>> morning errors when trying to build busybox, the makefile says it is
>> looking for Rules.mak in buildroot/build_powerpc/busybox/  Is this to do
>> with the way I have configured things?  I don't understand what it is
>> trying to accomplish.
>This seems to be an issue with the svn snapshots of busybox. Try
>deselecting "Use latest busybox snapshot" in the package

Should be fixes as of r16565.

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