[Buildroot] patch: target/cpio

Philippe Ney philippe.ney at pardes.ws
Mon Nov 20 17:01:43 UTC 2006

> Dear list,
> this patch adds a simple cpio target, to be used with an initramfs
> Index: target/Config.in
> ===================================================================
> --- target/Config.in    (revision 16570)
> +++ target/Config.in    (working copy)
> @@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
>  source "target/jffs2/Config.in"


In my application, as I also use cpio on the target, then I added a cpio
package that provide target and host cpio.
I use it to update the initramfs and have a simple dynamic RIM system w/o
use of cramfs/unionfs.

If this could be useful, I will make a patch.


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