[Buildroot] [Fwd: Re: SDL_image, SDL_ttf & Co (libpng12.So bug)]

Claudio Leonel cls at elaxys.com.br
Mon Nov 27 13:22:43 UTC 2006


I was using buildroot version 20061111 and managed to
compile SDL_image including the following flags (LDFLAGS) for the

$(SDL_IMAGE_DIR)/.compiled: $(SDL_IMAGE_DIR)/.configured
	$(MAKE) LDFLAGS=$(STAGING_DIR)/lib/libpng12.so -C $(SDL_IMAGE_DIR)
	touch $(SDL_IMAGE_DIR)/.compiled

I checked the dependencies of the generated libSDL_image.so
file and it seemed OK, but I haven't tested it yet in
the target.

But then I changed to a newer buildroot version: 20061124
and the previous modification was not enough, other linker
errors appeared, regarding the host directfb library.

I had to change the sdl.mk for SDL adding the following line
to configure:

(I am not using directfb, only the framebuffer)

I am now having problems compiling SDL_ttf ...


> Hi,
> I have tried an older Buildroot version (20060217) and SDL_image is compiling
> fine. uClibc version is the same (0.9.28) than on my "non working" Buildroot
> snapshot (20060908).
> Claudio, which Buildroot version are you using ?
> Does somebody from buildroot team working on the very similar
> DirectFB/libpng12.so bug (ID 959) has already found something ?
> regards,
> Julien
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