[Buildroot] How do I select the PCMCIA package ?

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Wed Oct 11 08:10:30 UTC 2006

On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 05:56:33PM +0000, mike wrote:
>Simple question. How do I select the PCMCIA package? What do I need to
>select first ?
>I want to build a system with PCMCIA, but menuconfig doesn't allow it
>for selection.
>It seems to be dependent on BR2_PACKAGE_LINUX, and the only way I can
>see of getting that set is by selecting something in "Board Support
>Options" - none of which I really want.

Perhaps try to remove that dependency. If you have LINUX_SOURCE_DIR et
al set properly (see package/pcmcia/pcmcia.mk), then compilation should

I have a patch that adds a target option for a generic x86 kernel, but
i'm hesitating to apply it (since more than a year) due to the potential
requests adding it will likely trigger ;)

>I have built my own "special" version of the linux kernel with the
>various drivers and things I want and set $(LINUX_DIR) and
>$(LINUX_SOURCE_DIR) to point to the right place. Are there other
>undocumented environment variables I need to set up ?

See above.


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