[Buildroot] which ipkg?

Thomas Lundquist lists at zelow.no
Tue Apr 17 10:16:31 UTC 2007


I am preparing a patch for building autonomous packages in buildroot and
I have tarballs and "udebs" but I also want ipkg.

The big question is; which ipkg version should I/we go for?
handhelds.org has at least two options, the original shell script based
(ipkg-utils) or a C-based newer one.

The C-based seems to be handheld.orgs preferred but the TODO in the
snapshot source mentions "unstable" and it does not have a binary named "ipkg",
just "ipkg-cl" which makes me something between curious and worried.

The CVS repo has some newer code but no snapshots.

anyone familiar with ipkg that has a suggestion on what I should pick?

(or both, chooseable?)


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