[Buildroot] New version of AT91 Buildroot available

Diego A. Fons diegofons at apexar.com
Mon Apr 23 18:41:42 UTC 2007

Ulf Samuelsson escribió:

>If anyone wants to see how it works in practice,
>then running the attached script will download my
>new buildroot, and build a complete set of functions
>to get a board running with Linux.
>It will build
>at91-bootstrap-2.3 with my private additions
>u-boot-1.2.0    with my private additions
>linux-    maxim + experimental patches
>rootfs (jffs2)
>rootfs (ext2)
>for the following configurations:
>at91rm9200df*      at91rm9200ek running from dataflashcard
>at91sam9260dfc    at91sam9260ek running from dataflashcard
>at91sam9261ek*    at91sam9261 running from internal dataflash
>at91sam9263ek    at91sam9263ek running from dataflashcard
>Only the two boards marked '*' have been run on actual H/W yet,
>the other two boards will be tested when I get my boards back.
>Don't try to get support for these things from Atmel
>since they do not know anything about the internals.
>The stuff is also available at:
>in the AT91 Buildroot project.
>function	prepare_directories()
>	mkdir	-p	/tftpboot
>	mkdir	-p	/usr/local/arm
>	mkdir	-p	/usr/local/install/downloads
>function	get_buildroot()
>	if ! [ -d ${BUILDROOT} ] ; then
>		mkdir -p ${DL_DIR}
>		${UNZIP}	${DL_DIR}/${BUILDROOT_SOURCE} | cpio -idv
>	fi
>function	make_board()
>	echo	"building board $1"
>	make 	B=$1 board
>	make	$2
>	make	saveconfig
>	cd	${TOPDIR}
>function	make_all_boards()
>	make_board	at91rm9200df	$1
>	make_board	at91sam9260dfc	$1
>	make_board	at91sam9261ek	$1
>	make_board	at91sam9263ek	$1
>make -C ${BUILDROOT} menuconfig
>make_all_boards	source
>buildroot mailing list
>buildroot at uclibc.org

I'was testing de script and i got this error:

checking for iconv_open... no
checking for libiconv_open in -liconv... no
checking for iconv_open in -liconv... no
configure: error: *** No iconv() implementation found in C library or 
make: *** 
Error 1

Is it possible that uClib doesn't have an iconv() implementation?

Diego A. Fons.

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