[Buildroot] Anyone familiar with PLX PCI driver? Otherwise, general driver question...

Sean Parker supinlick at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 15:31:20 UTC 2007

Hello -

  Does anyone have specific experience with loading a
PLX-born driver into uCLinux? I'm trying to get it to load
but it refuses and don't know the specific things to check
as to why... (I do have insmod available and can execute it
in the command line of the embedded system. it says "... no
symbols ... (stripped?)...module not loaded")

  Otherwise, any advice would be appreciated about the
GENERAL differences, if any, between loading a module in
uCLinux vs. "normal system linux" (i.e. RH) Any links/book
references welcome. Differences such as gcc command line
params, module directories, busybox issues, insmod/rmmod,

  My next step is to load try the Hello World example on
this site, but I'm not only looking for specific task
results but general knowledge as well.

    Sean Parker

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