[Buildroot] Buildroot and Linux/ARM on AT91SAM9260

Ryan Ordway rordway at oregonstate.edu
Mon Dec 17 22:53:47 UTC 2007

On Dec 17, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Ivan Kuten wrote:

>> Of course, I can't get a 2.6.23 kernel to even boot at all, but that
>> may be the same toolchain issues. My kernel seems to be
>> working ok
> As I understood 2.6.23 is not bootable at all? Is it differs by size  
> from built by
> correct toolchain?
> I have not bootable 2.6.23 kernel image of 4MB built by svn  
> toolchain and
> the same kernel built by toolchain of 1O Oct 2007 is ok and is only  
> 1.2MB
> May be 2.18 binutils used in svn buildroot has some issues.
> Definitely svn ARM buildroot has some issues. Need to investigate  
> more.

Correct. My kernel is about 1.1MB. My kernel is >  
4MB. I get the "Uncompressing Linux....." etc. then a few gibberish  
characters and then it freezes. I'm assuming something is wacky about  
that particular toolchain combination. I'll try using binutils 2.17  
and see if that helps.


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