[Buildroot] working soft-float on ARM/xscale?

Henning Holtschneider henning at loca.net
Sat Jan 20 13:47:57 UTC 2007

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Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a version of the buildroot environment that builds a
working set of binaries with decent soft-float support on ARM/xscale. I
started off with a recent SVN snapshot of buildroot (20070113) and tried
to build gcc 3.4.6 and uClibc 0.9.28. It compiled fine and produced
working code, but the it turned out that uClibc's libm did not include
any rounding functions (lround(), lroundf() et.al., which is what I'm
looking for specifically).

I then went on to gcc 3.4.6 and uClibc snapshot 20070113. It compiles,
but it has problems with the linuxthreads support which makes all shared
applications crash on the target platform.

After that, I decided to have a closer look at gcc and it seemed to be
most promising to use gcc 4.1.0 together with a recent uClibc snapshot.
However, that combination fails to compile because of undefined or
redefined symbols. Other people seem to have come across this before
(see http://bugs.busybox.net/view.php?id=299,
http://uclibc.org/lists/uclibc/2006-April/015154.html) but none of the
proposed solutions fixes the compile problems for me.

Can anyone help out with a working combination of buildroot snapshot,
uClibc snapshot, buildroot .config and probably uClibc .config?

Best regards,
Henning Holtschneider
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