[Buildroot] Update to mpg123

Rod Boyce buildroot at teamboyce.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 20:34:31 UTC 2007

Peter Korsgaard wrote:
> Thanks - A few commments:
> RB> -MPG123_VERSION=0.59r
> RB> +MPG123_VERSION := 0.65
> In the mean time 0.66 got released.
> RB> -MPG123_SOURCE=mpg123-$(MPG123_VERSION).tar.gz
> RB> -MPG123_CAT:=$(ZCAT)
> RB> -MPG123_SITE=http://www.mpg123.de/mpg123
> RB> -MPG123_DIR=$(BUILD_DIR)/mpg123-$(MPG123_VERSION)
> RB> +MPG123_SOURCE := mpg123-$(MPG123_VERSION).tar.bz2
> RB> +MPG123_CAT := $(BZCAT)
> RB> +MPG123_SITE := http://www.mpg123.de/download
> RB> +MPG123_DIR := $(BUILD_DIR)/mpg123-$(MPG123_VERSION)
> What's with all those white space changes? Could you please send an
> updated patch without those and with the version bumped to 0.66?
Peter & All,

Attached is another mpg123 patch with the version number bumped to 
TODAY's new released version number.  I have made no other changes to 
this patch is considering the changes I had to make for the previous 
version so minor which space changes are more than allowable in my 
opinion.  You are welcome to submit your own change that makes the code 
harder to read, but I'll stay with a few more spaces and a slightly 
prettier looking makefile fragment.

Rod Boyce

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