[Buildroot] Toolchain for i386 with floating point emulation

Mats Erik Andersson mats.andersson64 at comhem.se
Sat Jun 16 17:43:49 UTC 2007

lör 2007-06-16 klockan 10:19 -0300 skrev Claudio Leonel:
> Hi
> I need to build a buildroot toolchain for the Vortex86SX chip.
> This is a new low power chip from DMP which was shown in the
> latest COMPUTEX (www.vortex86sx.com).
> This chip is a 486 without the floating point coprocessor.
> I didn't find any options in buildroot to build a toolchain for
> the i386 architecture with floating point emulation.


$ make uclibc-menuconfig

    Target Architecture Features and Options  -->
      Enable floating point support
        Target CPU has a floating point unit

Switch the latter tick off!

Good luck!   Mats E A 

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