[Buildroot] where is the initrd image?

Julien Letessier julien.letessier at technosens.fr
Wed Jun 27 09:35:02 UTC 2007

As far as I known there is no support for initrd in buildroot.
And you don't need one for an embedded system!

In desktop distributions, the initrd is used e.g. to load device/filesystem
drivers before mounting the root filesystem (which may reside on a
nonstandard device/filesystem). [1]

In an embedded system, you should include all appropriate drivers in the
kernel itself, so an initrd is useless.
Just compile a proper kernel, and configure grub on your target with e.g.

kernel /boot/bzImage root=/dev/hda1

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initrd

2007/6/27, Lee JJ <jengjr at gmail.com>:
> Dear All Guru :
>      I can generate the target achi rootfs , and kernel
> but I can't find the initrd file
> Thus I met the booting problem , VFS cannot open root device "hdxx"
> Do I nust have the initrd file , or not ?
> If do , how and where to build it ?
> Thanks !!
> ps: I am using buildroot snapshot , June 23 '07
> and the target archi is i386
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