[Buildroot] U-boot 1.1.4 build error

Anoop Krishnan anoop.krishnan at einfochips.com
Fri May 4 02:01:27 UTC 2007


I have used crosstool-0.42 to build tool chain and it builds the toolchain without any problems

and I can even compile the kernel Image with the same cross-compiler perfectly

The probelm I am facing is that when I use the same toolchain to compile U-boot 1.1.4, I get
the following error

/opt/crosstool/gcc-4.1.0-glibc-2.4/arm-926ejs-linux-gnueabi/lib/gcc/arm-926ejs-linux-gnueabi/4.1.0/libgcc.a(_dvmd_lnx.o): In function `__div0':
/home/anoop/Tool_chain/crosstool-0.42/build/arm-926ejs-linux-gnueabi/gcc-4.1.0-glibc-2.4/gcc-4.1.0/gcc/config/arm/lib1funcs.asm:1000: undefined reference to `raise'
make: *** [u-boot] Error 1

I found that raise is defined in raise.c which is under the following path
and its contents are as follows

#include <signal.h>
#include <errno.h>

/* Raise the signal SIG.  */
raise (sig)
     int sig;
  __set_errno (ENOSYS);
  return -1;
weak_alias (raise, gsignal)

stub_warning (raise)
stub_warning (gsignal)
#include <stub-tag.h>

How can I solve this issue? Is there any patch for glibc-2.4 , applying which the issue can be solved?

Thanks in advance
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