[Buildroot] __ctype_b undefined reference after adding fontconfig support

Peter Korsgaard peter.korsgaard at barco.com
Wed May 23 06:56:40 UTC 2007

>>>>> "CR" == Christopher Reder <creder at digitalcpt.com> writes:


CR> In wanting to use Matchbox as added by Assen, I enabled those
CR> packages which require fontconfig and freetype.  In doing so, I
CR> received the following error which I found as reported a couple of
CR> weeks ago.  I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this and
CR> how to address it.  If there is a version of buildroot that I can
CR> go back to, then I'd be happy to do it.  I have binutils 2.17,
CR> uclibc 0.9.29 and gcc 4.1.2 selected as the toolchain for
CR> buildroot.

fontconfig should be fixed now. Could you give it a try?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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