[Buildroot] Ogg and Vorbis patch

Rod Boyce buildroot at teamboyce.co.uk
Mon May 28 13:22:25 UTC 2007


So attached is my libogg and libvorbis patch.  I have had a lot of 
trouble with the libvorbis code and I have included a patch to the 
install script to solve the problem of locating the library under 
/usr/lib or /usr/loca/lib also when compiling libvorbisfile I had lots 
of problems figuring out exactly the right combination of configure 
parameters and changes for library paths when compiling.  I believe I 
have got it correct now I am not a configure expert so I might have 
missed something obvious and I'll always ope to suggestions so here is 
the patch hopefully for inclusion into the build-root system.

Rod Boyce
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