[Buildroot] NPTL support for uClibc-0.9.28

Steven J. Hill sjhill at realitydiluted.com
Thu Nov 1 17:40:06 UTC 2007

>    I am using buildroot to build cross toolchain for MIPS processor ( binutils 2.15,  gcc 3.4.3, uClibc-0.9.28 and Linux 2.6.18 kernel) .
Nope. You will need gcc-4.2 or better and uClibc-0.9.29 from the
uClibc-NPTL branch in Subversion and binutils-2.17 or better.

>   Can i get Native POSIX Threading (NPTL) support if i use above versions of binutils-2.15,gcc-3.4.3,uClibc-0.9.28 and Linux 2.6.18 kernel by enabling the  "Enable Native POSIX Threading (NPTL) support?"
>   in the buildroot Toolchain Options.

>    Also does uClibc-0.9.28   support Native POSIX Threading (NPTL)?
No, and it never will.

>   If not what are the suggested versions of binutils,uClibc and gcc to be used to  get NPTL support for MIPS cross toolchain. 

Honestly everyone, I am clearing my schedule to do the NPTL merge and
get SuperH, ARM and MIPS all with NPTL support into trunk.


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