[Buildroot] Illegal Instruction in arm buildroot

Michael Trimarchi trimarchimichael at yahoo.it
Thu Nov 15 13:39:27 UTC 2007



>I have a strange problem with buildroot built for an em-x270 board (an
>arm pxa270 based platform from compulab.co.il).
>All the build is performed correctly, and after some small change I
>a working environment with busybox, udev, alsa, wireless tools,
>and a kernel (patched with some platform-dependent patch).
>But some program doesn't work at all, because the program receives a
>SIGILL (Illegal Instruction exception): for example, wget crashes after
>reading a remote file, udevd do not work at all, and also udhcpc

Maybe you have some soft-float operation and the kernel e/o toolchain 
doesn't have the support


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