[Buildroot] Fails to build: error on copying .config file, please help

Felipe Uderman felipe.uderman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 12:46:21 UTC 2007


I am trying to compile a Kernel for the ARM architecture, but my build
fails. A copy instruction is incomplete, without the destination parameter.
Please take a look at it:

uderman at udermanlp:~/udAPP/buildroot$ make

Checking build system dependencies:
BUILDROOT_DL_DIR clean:                         Ok
CC clean:                                       Ok
CXX clean:                                      Ok
CPP clean:                                      Ok
CFLAGS clean:                                   Ok
INCLUDES clean:                                 Ok
CXXFLAGS clean:                                 Ok
which installed:                                Ok
sed works:                                      Ok (/bin/sed)
GNU make version '3.81':                        Ok
C compiler '/usr/bin/gcc'
C compiler version '4.1.2':                     Ok
C++ compiler '/usr/bin/g++'
C++ compiler version '4.1.2':                   Ok
bison installed:                                Ok
flex installed:                                 Ok
gettext installed:                              Ok
makeinfo installed:                             Ok
Build system dependencies:                      Ok

rm -rf
mkdir -p /home/uderman/udAPP/buildroot/project_build_arm/teste02
cp -dpRf package/config/buildroot-config
cp -dpf  /home/uderman/udAPP/buildroot/project_build_arm/teste02/linux-
cp: missing destination file operand after
Try `cp --help' for more information.
make: *** [/home/uderman/udAPP/buildroot/project_build_arm/teste02/linux-] Error 1

I could not found the instruction that causes the error on my Makefile, is
that where it is supposed to be?

Any sugestions?

Thank you,

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