[Buildroot] Wrong Image/zImage for arm 926T toolchain?

udmd-eric wann udmderic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 14:39:38 UTC 2007

Dear Sir/Madam:

       I am a newbie of buildroot. If I ask a stupid question, please
forgive me.
       I download the newest snapshot of buildroot and I choice
ARM/926T/OABI as my target toolchain. All other options are default
without changed. After make, I can build a cross-compiler tool. When I
use the toolchain to build linux kernel (, I get a strange

       The new toolchain build the kernel "vmlinux" is only about 1M
       However, I find linux-2.6.23/arch/arm/bootp/Image is very large
       and zImage is >3M ....

       If I use my previous toolchain, the output zImage is only 500K...
       I guest my objectcopy is wrong...
       What's wrong with my setting? Could anybody give me a hint...

   Best Regards
   Eric Wann

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