[Buildroot] Several issues by a buildroot newbie...

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Thu Oct 4 04:14:47 UTC 2007

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Subject: [Buildroot] Several issues by a buildroot newbie...

> I'm fairly new to buildroot so please excuse me if I inadvertently touch 
> something that has been raised previously:
> 1. Undefined reference in uClibc:
>    In function `__libc_pthread_init':
>    libc_pthread_init.c:(.text+0xf): undefined reference to
>    `__libc_multiple_threads'
>    I dug through the code and it appears that the missing variable is 
> used as a return value for __libc_pthread_init() but that that return 
> value appears to be squirreled away and perhaps never used.
>   In any event, this is, I suspect the cause of the next item, below.
> 2. Python segfaults when being loaded.  For various reasons I'm very 
> suspicions that the uClibc dynamic library loader is segfaulting.  I've 
> tried to build a static image of Python but I can't because of the 
> unresolved in the prior item.
> I had a similar problem with sudo and all the openssh tools with the 
> stable version of uClibc.  The segfaulting of those, but not of Python, 
> went away with the snapshot version of uClibc.
>   Python did compile and run quite nicely on my year old snapshot of 
> buildroot, but it's effectively dead now.
> 3. The sudo sources aren't available via the URL given in the 
> package/sudo/sudo.mk.  The site, http://www.courtesan.com/sudo/dist, has 
> upgraded to a newer version and the older one to be downloaded appears 
> no longer on that site.
> 4. The lockfile-progs.c (in package lockfile-progs) uses rindex() but 
> does not include the correct header file that defines it.  This can be 
> repaired by a patch that either changes rindex() to strrchr() or 
> including the correct header.  (I did the former.)

uClibc supports rindex if either of 
is defined. 
Previously UCLIBC_SUSV3_LEGACY_MACROS was defined,
but Bernhard wants to get rid of all legacy stuff, and his idea to achieve
this it is by intentionally breaking the build if you enable a package 
containing SUSV3_LEGACY stuff.

> --karl--
Ulf Samuelsson

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