[Buildroot] Some devices are not created in the ext2 filesystem.

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Sun Oct 14 17:31:55 UTC 2007

Hi, Ivan:

Your guess was right: I have learnt that udev is used in my build indeed
and my (proprietary) driver doesn't bother to register its nodes with
sysfs filesystem. Now everything is clear thank you. 

For the time being (I didn't want to change code just yet) I added mknod
commands to rcS file, so necessary nodes are created upon restart. 

I also see some error from udev:

Populating /dev using udev: cannot open /dev/null

/dev/null is certainly present:

# ls -al /dev/null
crw-rw----    1 root     root       1,   3 Dec 31 17:00 /dev/null

What this error is about?



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> I see that correspondent files are indeed created in the root
> tree:
> [leonid at jaipur buildroot]$ ls -al root/dev/mc*
> -rw-r----- 1 root root 0 2007-10-13 21:56 root/dev/mcfp-0
> -rw-r----- 1 root root 0 2007-10-13 21:56 root/dev/mcfp-1
> However when I load my ext2 root filesystem, I don't see these device
> nodes in /dev directory. What is wrong?

Check that you are not using udev, because udev is mounted over /dev
thus hiding your entries.


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