[Buildroot] `make source' cannot resume

Steven Woody narkewoody at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 03:00:23 UTC 2007


after the downloading process of `make source' broken by some reasons,
i then restarted it by reissued the same command.  what i expected is
that those already downloaded will be skipped, and the `make source'
continue to download those not yet grabbed.  but the truth is not.
`make source' restarted the whole download process from the beginning
and to download everything that has already existed in the `dl'

i know this problem may has something to do with the system i am using
( it's cygwin and because i met some problem setting the network of my
linux box, i have to do the `make source' on cygwin now ).  but i got
no more clues.

ps. another suspicous is the the downloading directory, dl, is not
located correctly in cygwin.  i am in ~/buildroot and the $HOME is
/e/woody,  but the `make source' insisted to put everything it grabbed
in a directory /e/e/woody/buildroot/dl ( please note the second `e' in
the path name').  it's so weird


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