[Buildroot] undefined _dl_app_init_array and _dl_app_fini_array

Ivan Kuten ivan.kuten at promwad.com
Tue Oct 23 19:54:40 UTC 2007

Thiago A. Corrêa wrote:
> Hi,
>    Does anyone knows how to fix this? I get this from libjpeg with
> avr32. I found some threads on uClibc mailling list, related to arm,
> but I don't know what the solution (if any) was. Does arm build it
> correctly?
> Regards,
>     Thiago A. Correa
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./libtool --mode=link /opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc -Os -pipe  -I/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/include -I/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/include
--sysroot=/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/ -isysroot /opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir -mtune=arm920t -msoft-float  -o cjpeg cjpeg.lo rdppm.lo rdgif.lo rdtarga.lo rdrle.lo rdbmp.lo rdswitch.lo
cdjpeg.lo libjpeg.la
/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/bin/arm-linux-uclibc-gcc -Os -pipe -I/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/usr/include -I/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/include
--sysroot=/opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir/ -isysroot /opt/buildroot/build_arm/staging_dir -mtune=arm920t -msoft-float -o .libs/cjpeg cjpeg.o rdppm.o rdgif.o rdtarga.o rdrle.o rdbmp.o rdswitch.o
cdjpeg.o -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/lib .libs/libjpeg.so

On ARM everything is fine with jpeg.

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