[Buildroot] svn commit: trunk/uClibc: ldso/include ldso/ldso/sparc libc/string etc...

Bernhard Fischer rep.dot.nop at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 22:27:26 UTC 2007

On Sat, Sep 15, 2007 at 10:41:51PM +0300, Blue Swirl wrote:

>> >> Blue Swirl, please let me know if that's correct and useable now.
>> >
>> >The CPU selection could be improved so that for Sparc64, only the
>> >following are valid:
>> >config BR2_sparc_v9
>> >config BR2_sparc_ultrasparc
>> >config BR2_sparc_ultrasparc3
>> >config BR2_sparc_niagara
>> Ok, will do.
>> >I'm not so sure about removing those from Sparc(32) options, because
>> >then we could not build a 32-bit environment for V9 CPU.
>> In uClibc, we have v7, v8, v9, v9b (?).
>> What is the relation between insn-set/insn scheduler for these:
>> sparclite:      f930, f934, sparclite86x
>> sparclet:       tsc701
>> Are these all v8 (for uClibc)?
>These are v7 (sparc32, early 1990s), the difference between v7 and v8
>is that a few more instructions (div, mul) are implemented in hardware
>in v8. I think kernel emulates the missing instructions (with a speed
>> And what is v9b? An extended insn set or just v9 with a different
>> scheduling?
>V9 plus VIS (much like MMX) instructions, like falignaddr and
>aligndata used in libc/string/sparc/sparc64/memcpy.S. That by the way
>makes it difficult to target plain V9...
>> >I'm just trying a native build, looks like the compiler options build
>> >are not correct, there is -mcpu=v7 flag even though I selected v9.
>> Sounds odd, i'll look into this.
>Sorry, I think it was "k7" for cross compile host in the other window, not v7.

Ok. I've split sparc64 from sparc, added a pseudo v9b that turns on
-mvis, made sure that configuring uClibc picks up the correct type.
Please holler if i made something wrong or if you need additional bits..


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