[Buildroot] Busy box does not work with Buildroot toolchain for arm926ejs

Gururaja Hebbar K R gururajakr at sanyo.co.in
Tue Sep 18 10:22:12 UTC 2007

Hi Kans,

No Sorry. No Changes Been trying all possible options but no go


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Subject: Busybox does not work with Buildroot toolchain for arm926ejs

Hi Hebbar,

did you find any solutions for this?  I am also facing the same problem.

Hebbar wrote:
> Hi All,
>  Here is the issue. 
> 1. I have used busybox utilities built inside 
> buildroot/project_build_arm/uclibc-prj/root. I am using Linux kernel 
> version when i boot, the busybox does not start and give any

> command prompt on serial console or tty0.
> It gives the message like "Please press Enter to activate this
> 2. Also i have compilled the above Linux kernel with the same 
> buildroot toolchain for arm926ejs and it works fine.
> 3. I tried using the same toolchain and compilled an externally 
> downloaded busybox and when used this, i get the same error.
> 4. Also if i use Linux Kernel compilled with this Buildroot Toolchain 
> for arm926ejs and Busybox built with other vendor toolchain( from
> Codesourcery) it works fine. 
> 5. Also i have Linux MTD Utilities that i have compilled using 
> Buildroot Toolchain & this works fine.
> So i want to know what exactly is the issue with busybox thats been 
> built by this Buildroot toolchain.
> Attahced is the Busybox config, uclibc config & my Buildroot config.
> Waiting for an early reply/help to solve this issue.
> Regards
> Guruaja
> busybox.config uclibc.config buildroot_snapshot.config
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