[Buildroot] Segmentation fault of running sudo

Weichen Lee (李威震 - Askey - TW) weichen.lee at askey.com.tw
Thu Sep 20 10:10:46 UTC 2007


I downgrade uClibc to
It solved this problem.


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I had a similar problem with a number of packages, and solved it by downgrading uClibc to



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I use buildroot (svn r19828) to make the toolchain with the version below

kernel-headers 2.6.11
binutils 2.17
gcc 4.1.2
uClibc 0.9.29

There is no error during compiled time.
The sudo package is also compiled successfully.
The rootfs with program like busybox is work fine on the target board.
But when I run sudo, the output message is only show "Segmentation fault".
 Does anybodyelse encounter the same issue?

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