[Buildroot] Buildroot and perforce.

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Fri Sep 21 07:22:33 UTC 2007

Hi, All:


I have asked questions below but did it on linux-arm forum which was not
exactly the place though I got answer from Tom. I would appreciate other
feedbacks from buildroot experts.


On Thursday, September 20, 2007 7:29 PM Tom wrote:


> Leonid wrote:

> > I am new to buildroot and I'm trying to use it to create filesystem

> > my at91rm9200 based board. I downloaded

> > from at91 web site (latest relevant image I could find) and have

> > filesystem images. 

> > 

> > It basically works, though I couldn't build some packages.

> > 

> > Now I want to put my filesystem to version manager (we use perforce,

> > this is not important). I don't want to put buildroot itself since

> > doesn't have all necessary files - they get downloaded from network

> > during configuration process - and I cannot risk that approach -
what if

> > some package changed or is not there?


> First, your request should have gone to the buildroot list, this is


> an ARM/linux question. For any replies, please use this one.



Understood, I'll subscribe there first thing in the morning. Can you
also recommend some buildroot tutorial, different from
http://buildroot.uclibc.org/buildroot.html which omits certain details? 


> > to find which files got changed/delete? Or I should use some


> > tools (diff) to compare my existing tree with the new one?

> > 

> > Certainly people dealing with such problems a lot and I'll


> > any suggestions or framework to accomplish the task. If somebody can

> > share scripts to add/delete/modify packages in previously created by

> > buildroot filesystem that will be really nice.


> You can certainly use whatever tools you want. 


Does it mean buildroot doesn't have intrinsic option for incremental


> Assuming your buildroot

> is installed in [br] and uses the folder [br]/dl for download and your


> managed to build everything as you want it into your staging dir [sd],



The staging directory is where toolchain will be installed, right?


> you would add to your revision control after a successful build:


> [br]/.config

> [br]/dl

> [br]/docs

> [br]/package

> [br]/target

> [br]/toolchain


That doesn't include packages' source files but only their tarballs,
right? In general, from example foo.mk file which is presented online I
can conclude that only standard way of adding packages is the following:

- download package from FOO_SITE.

- save tarball in dl directory.

- unpack and build.


But I may have my package in the form of local source files which I
don't want to pack since I'm modifying them. Same goes for standard
packages I wish to patch/hack. While I can write makefile for such case
myself, I would like to see standard buildroot's way to include such an
application if possible.


Now looks like I need to unpack tarball, modify sources and pack it


> + any config files your builroot uses which are easiest kept in a

> sperate folder, [cfg].



What files do you mean? Pre-configured stuff for certain boards?



> On a checkout, just make sure that buildroot really uses all the right


> config files, and buildroot will produce the corresponding output dirs


> [br]/build_arm_ as and [sd] as you had it before. (This is also true


> any changes to the template filesystem located in

> [br]/target.../..._skeleton.)



So, ...skeleton plays a role of "static" files which will be simply

copied into filesystem tree, right?


> You can certainly also put your [sd] into revision control; just keep


> mind that buildroot will try to write there whenever executed.



Staging dir will hold toolchain itself (binaries/libraries) as far as I

know. Normally people won't modify toolchain. I even don't want

buildroot will create toolchain each and every time - is there an

"official" way to disable toolchain creation?


I'd rather save on perforce BUILD_DIR (minus object/binary files) but it

will be rewritten each time anyway...


Thanks a lot,




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