[Buildroot] C double type problem - at91sam9263

Richard Hardy richardh at oakleafconsultancy.com
Mon Aug 4 13:58:42 UTC 2008

> I see it too on cris architecture. I think it is uClibc related, at
> 0.9.29.
> I'll try to reproduce on x86..
> IMHO only printf is buggy, otherwise doubles and floats seem to have
> correct value.

When you say "doubles and floats seem to have correct value" how are you
testing them? I have tried using gdb to look at and set double values,
but I seem to get weird results. This is what led me to try to fprintf
the double values in the first place.

e.g. if I call a function with a double parameter set to "1.0", inside
the called function, gdb reports that parameter to have a value of
35532351778122413e-313. If I try to use gdb to "set" a double value I
get a segmentation fault. Integers seem to work ok.


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