[Buildroot] New package util-linux-ng

Steffen Schulz pepe_ml at gmx.net
Sun Aug 10 05:06:49 UTC 2008


I was trying to fix bug2254 by adding util-linux-ng to buildroot.
And just before adding it to the bugtracker today I read that
Makefile.autotoools.in should be used.

Long story short, the attached patch has some issues:

- util-linux still wants to compile even though it was not selected and
  removed from Config.in
- with util-linux-ng.mk, the are no errors, the package is simply ignored
- with util-linux-ng.mk.old, the packet works. But the staging_dir
  misses a file <linux/a.out.h> which is included in <a.out.h>. I think
  this is a bug in some other packet?

Any comments on my fixes in #4274, #4284 and #4294?

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