[Buildroot] Buildroot not installing TAR or SED (7-28-08 snapshot)

jazzman at exdomain.org jazzman at exdomain.org
Sat Aug 16 03:30:00 UTC 2008

Hi all.

I'm trying to build a uclibc toolchain that I can the use to build an
embedded linux as a project. I've got the 7/28/08 snapshot of buildroot 
it builds just fine, but it leaves out 2 packages. I have explicitly 
"SED" and "TAR" in packages for target filesystem, and it appears to have
downloaded the source for them but they do are not installed in the final

Originally I was using busybox for these tools, but the busybox
implementations of TAR and AR have some problems that prevent me from
compiling some things (AR doesn't support -u apparently, and TAR
occasionally gives "Invalid TAR Magic" for some files, which prevents me
from building X). So I left busybox out and now I don't have TAR or SED. I
tried building TAR with the generated root file system, but it requires 
to run the configure script. So I tried to compile SED, but guess what? It
ALSO requires SED to run the configure script.

So then i tried to build busybox but not have it install any of the 
so that I could use busybox's SED to at least build the full SED and then 
from there, but no matter what I do busybox insists on installing it's
symlinks (even when I manually edited the config file for busybox to NOT
install symlinks) and that overwrites things like ar. This is a problem
because, as previously stated, busybox's AR does not have the -u option,
which causes errors when building SED. It's a vicious cycle :)

Does anyone have any ideas why I can't get buildroot to just build/install
SED and TAR in the first place?!?

Thanks in advance

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