[Buildroot] Errors on rootfs

Teemu Keskinarkaus Teemu.Keskinarkaus at cc-systems.com
Tue Aug 19 06:53:21 UTC 2008

Am I really the only one that has problems with RootFS generation?


I keep getting same error with the actual hardware. Other than that,
things are working ok.


Those errors appear only with rootfs. I have another partition that I
generate fs myself and when I'm mounting it I don't get any errors.


Teemu K.



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I'm using buildroot to generate system for AT91SAM9263ek board.
Everything works fine except rootfs mount gives few errors when


Maybe 20 errors like these:

[    1.133916] CLEANMARKER node found at 0x00060000 has totlen 0xc !=
normal 0x0

[    1.170913] CLEANMARKER node found at 0x00080000 has totlen 0xc !=
normal 0x0


And maybe 10 errors like these:

[    1.834864] jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found
at 0x002b73f0 0x90fa instead

[    1.843863] jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found
at 0x002b73f4 0xac8f instead


First errors seem to come from every block that is used for rootfs.


I'm using Samba/USB to program the rootfs to board. At the moment board
is Atmel's evaluation board. I verified before rebooting the board that
flash contained exactly the same image that there were supposed to be.
So for some reason buildroot generates broken rootfs or am I doing
something wrong? Block size is correct since filesystem is working just
fine except those errors on boot. They will stay on every boot.


I wouldn't mind that, but I need to get system up and running as fast as
possible and those errors take about 1.5seconds and in this case every
seconds count. ;)


Teemu K.


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