[Buildroot] Linux Kernel 2.6.17 support in Buildroot

Bussmann, Paul Paul.Bussmann at technidata.com
Mon Aug 25 08:01:18 UTC 2008


first of all thank you for the great software that you are maintaining!

I am developing solutions using the "TRITON-LP" processor module from
KARO Electronics. (ARM Machine ID 190)
It is an Intel X-Scale PXA255 ARM/Embedded processor module. 

KARO electronics gave me a patched version of the Linux Kernel version
2.6.17, a RootFS image and a tool-chain to develop the solution.
With a debian-based glibc, I quickly ran out of flash space so I decided
to switch to Buildroot.

I got quite familiar with Buildroot and now I am trying to get it
running with my board.

Unfortunately, the current Linux Kernel does not support the Board and
adding support to it is much too difficult to me.
I was glad about the feature that a custom Kernel is selectable in the
Buildroot project configuration.
Concerning the Toolchain settings, it seems to be not possible to select
a custom version or version 2.6.17.

How can I test if Buildroot would create a correct Toolchain using Linux
2.6.17 instead of 2.6.26?

Best regards,

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