[Buildroot] HUGE patch for buildroot

John Voltz john.voltz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 02:28:35 UTC 2008


I'm wondering if the buildroot maintainers frequent this list, and if
so, how do you feel about receiving a humongous patch for it? I've
been working on bugfixes for well over a week now and I believe it's
going to be a huge patch. It would take me weeks more to break it into
individual patches. So far I've fixed a bunch of incorrect package
install arguments that cause problems with pkgconfig and libtool
resulting in build failures. I've added the X.org fonts and some other
missing X.org packages, icu, fltk, webkit, midori, ipkg, updated
cairo, pango, gtk, and glib to the latest versions. I also merged the
current branch of the Atmel AVR32 buildroot architecture for that CPU.
Is there any interest in it, or should I just keep it to myself?

Kind regards,
John Voltz

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