[Buildroot] Package Selection/Removal Problem

Rahul Kulkarni rahul.kulkarni at oasistech.co.in
Wed Jan 16 07:14:18 UTC 2008

Hello list,
    I am using buildroot r-17130 for generating base system for my ARM9
target. I have tried adding packages through make menuconfig option of
buildroot. I was successful while doing so and to have the same packages
in final rootfs image created using make. But when i rebuild the rootfs
image removing some of the above said packages through make meuconfig,
and rebuild the buildroot,  the package executables of remove packages
do not get flushed. They remain present in new copy of roofs though are
being removed from the option selection menu.
   Is this the default behavior of buildroot? or is there any other
option to clean executables of removed packages from there
locations(root or etc directory of rootfs)?  
Best Regards,
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