[Buildroot] Where to add/locate board support?

Joe zentrale.at.work at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 14:52:19 UTC 2008

Hi all!

Currently i'm in the task of adding support for our custom board to 
buildroot, hence my question:
Where is the right place to add it? As we're using a RM9200 CPU, it 
could be located below target/devices/Atmel, for the folders in 
target/devices look to me more like CPUI vendors, not board vendors. Or 
should it got to target/devices/our_company_name/our_board_name?
But that would seem pretty oversized to me, for we're on really low 
production count, but i'd relly like to get things done right in the 

Thanks, Joe

Sepp "ZaP" Holzmayr

please reply to:
zentrale.at.work at gmail.com

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